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Posted on January 2, 2023 at 4:00 AM

Habits Of Destruction

This is a continuation of the last post dated 01January 2023


02 January 2023


Keep Fighting

Don’t Quit

Conquer it


let’s go,

This is a good year to untangle, untwine and be free from the damaging effects of Habits of destruction. Those habits that hinder and keep you form reaching you goals and resolutions. Destructive habits are not your bosom buddy they are not your pals. Allowing them to run the show is only causing you heart ache and pain. There roots only grow deeper day by day. Trust me bad habits have attachment issues and they do not want to let go.

The solution is to do battle to continually think in the direction of your goals, each and every day. Post reminders, alarms whatever your personality style finds favorable. Start constructing habits of destiny. Forcing yourself to do the things that may not feel good at first but you know they are necessary to take you where you truly desire to go. form an atmosphere that is favorable to you obtaining goal as best you can. Challenge yourself to grow and nourish your

Challenge yourself to grow and nourish your fresh start everyday. I am a new day resolution kind of person, give yourself a chance everyday. Don’t allow

your mistakes to linger, because you are creating a Masterpiece. A better version of you and it starts with how you think…..I think you can, now lets go and as far as destructive habits well..

Keep Fighting

Don’t Quit

Conquer It

…and I will be doing the same.


Tammie-Maria Allen©


Categories: Journal Entry