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BuffedStuff ®

Private Personal Training: Enter the Buffed Zone, Where Metamorphic Transformations occur

Buffedstuff:®There is always a better version of yourself waiting to be unleashed!

The Mission

The mission is all about being the best version or yourself during each decade of your life. For most of us we will have to fight to make that a reality but it is a worthy fight.

Never be afraid to transform your life from the inside out. It will not be easy, it will require discipline, determination, sacrifice and hard work. You however possess those traits simply unleash them, unearth your potential, take the path that will get you real results. No quick fixes, no giving up on yourself and no quitting. You might fall but you will keep getting back up until you achieve the objective. Trust me when I say if I can you can. Join me in the campaign to never quit on yourself or your dreams.

Let's make it happen. There was a time in my life where I drifted onto the wrong path. I lost the way, I looked in the mirror one day and all I could see was a overweight, middle-aged woman that was pre-diabetic, out of shape and in constant pain.By the grace of a loving G-d I came to a realization that it is always to early to give up on yourself. I fought back and I fought hard. When I looked in the mirror all I saw was fluffedstuff but deep inside, BuffedStuff was waiting to explode and make her debut. What is waiting to make a debut in your life? Join with me and release your potential. Never, give up on you.

Tammie-Maria aka BuffedStuff©®

WEEK EIGHT: 4 JULY 2022- 10 JULY 2022

We are the guardians of our body. That comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, but how often do we neglect, mistreat, ignore or reject our body as though we are detached from it. This vibrant container that we live in deserves appreciation. It demands our attention and not just when things go wrong. So may we treat it like a temple, that is nourished by all things good. May we all seek, out sound nutritional principles and standards that go far beyond goal weight and physique assessments.Creating and promoting improve health via nutrition, adequate rest,and corresponding exercise.

 This is our opportunity, our time to regroup, refocus and invest in what truly matters a healthy and strong body. Until next time take care of you, and protect the skin that you are in, from top to bottom and from inside to out. 

Tammie-Maria Allen©2022

Week seven: 27 June - 03 July  2022

This week we celebrate health and wholeness. Safeguarding your health is a

worthwhile endeavor, this encompasses everything that is required for your

body to function at it’s best so it is a continual process, and sometimes the

requirements to reach your health and fitness goals can be unpleasant, inconvenient

and hard.These are the times that you must cheer yourself on as you

endure the pain of self-discipline so that you can achieve what you truly desire.

Forget about easy shortcuts or great reward with little effort. Give yourself

permission to embrace the sacrifice and the struggle. It really is okay to say

no to yourself and mean it. 

Self-indulgence may be easy because it places focus on

the immediate pleasure, without regard to the bigger picture or consequences. This is

the time, the season for tremendous accomplishments and breakthroughs but we

must pay the price.

until next time.

Don’t lose sight of those goals

stay the course and get it done.

Tammie-Maria Allen ©2022

Week  Six: 20 June-26 June 2022

Get ready for another powerful week

Reawaken your commitments, regain focus and clarity of being. Refuse to allow negative emotions and fickled  feelings to dictate your direction. Do not deviate from your course of original intent. The times may be trying and the pathway harsh but you are designed to press onward, conquer and win. There is no easy, but there is a win, waiting with your name emblazoned upon it. Staying focused means reconnecting to what matters. Your hope is restored, as you march down your corridor of destiny. You must believe in yourself, encourage yourself and keep it moving. Do not allow the infusion of negative and harmful habits creep into your new way of becoming.

Conquer self defeat and go for that win, this truly is our now time.

Tammie-Maria Allen ©2022

Week One: May 16-22 2022  

This message is urgent, the warning is now. This is conformation, to all of those who know what you should do, but you have not been

doing it. Yes, this is your now season to safeguard your health and your physique. Your current status does not matter. What does matter is that you start taking action this week. No you do not need a commerical gym, a personal trainer or a expensive nutritional plan. You do however need to forgo all excuses and get busy with an action plan that you are will to adhere to and get busy with it.  I do not have to tell you that we live in times of great uncertainity. I do however believe there is a window of opportunity  for those who have  neglected their bodies via unhealhty eating habits, and lack of exercise  to get in the best shape  of your life.  

           Enduring the storms of life is going to be easier when you are healthy and strong. Now is the season this is the time, so if you have

been feeling a tug in your heart to  get in shape and eat for health then obey it, because this is your golden opportunity to excel. You don't want to miss this one.  No regrets people, no regrets, you can do this. Don't forget to get your health care providers approval, especially if you are fighting your way back after an injury. Comeback season is on!

Tammie-Maria Allen© 2022

Week Two May 23- May 29 2022​

If you feel as though you are in the midst of battle, during your comeback journey then hold strong. The calvary has arrived and you are it.

Yes, even the best trainers, diet and motivational coaches cannot do it for you. The key to your success is you. You know you want it and 

you must be dedicated.  The struggle to push through and endure is normal. It is one of those me versus me ordeals, especially when you

are adopting new  lifestyle practices and habits. Your environment may not be supportive, of your new endeavors. This will cause extra struggle

so you really must learn how to encourage yourself and focus on what you desire. Remember your goals, your vision are valuable You matter

so do not neglect this time-frame of opportunity to maximize your health and transform your body. Work with all the tools that you have to 

make your goals a reality. Who knows what dark days that may abound in the future, so lets ready our bodies to be strong, healthy with the ability 

endure.  until next time ....let's do this thing!

Tammie-Maria Allen©2022

Week Three 30 May- 5 June 2022

This week we are going to focus on that one thing,that is essential for obtaining the results we desire, in a timely manner.

Consistency in our actions, is our focal point. We want to be on point , on our nutritonal protocols. We want to be on point,

on our exercise regime,hydration and self-care.

 You may have to jumpstart your consistency at first, but keep pressing. Consistency

will soon be accompanied by momentum, and that is when the fun really begins. 

This process is all about achieving the result

you desire. Now is the time, put in the work, time, energy and love...let's make it happen!

Tammie-Maria Allen©2022

Week Four 6 June-12 June 2022

Total commitment to an idea, project, goal, or endeavor doesn't just happen. It demands hard works so lets 

                                                                                         Work It 

                                                                                         Work it 

                                                                                         Work it!

Yes, you were created to produce something wonderful. What a glorious day to work towards our objectives. Regain your health, sculpt your physique, increase your stamina. Whatever your health, fitness and nutritional goals maybe  keep working on it. Encourage yourself, believe in yourself and as always put in the work. Create something amazing.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2022


Week Five 13 June- 19 June 2022

Staying committed to purpose isn’t necessarily an easy one. The initial excitement of new beginnings usually transforms into routine. It is at this point options start presenting themselves. Do you invite or reject reasonings, excuses or reality that seeks to pull you off course? The ultimate decision is yours, an easy out or the hard push through to finish. Upgrade that mindset, don’t void precious time that has been invested. Cling to your vision, your goal don’t rebel against your process work with it to obtain what you truly desire. 

Allow it to lead you where

you need to go. This truly is your time to do you and get it done. We must stay the course, to achieve amazing results, in the end it is going to be worth it. Make yourself proud and stay

true to what really matters to you. May we all obtain health, healing and wholeness.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2022

from the podcast...

here is a little residue from todays podcast ......

You are either in slavery....( to something)

Have Freedom....................( from Something)

or you are in the process of obtaining freedom or succumbing to becoming enslaved again.

Fight for your vision, create your legacy

encapsulate your Destiny.

This is a time of new beginnings.....begin


Tammie-Maria ©2019

2019: Its Legendary A Season Of War..... 

Look around you almost everyone is engaged in some sort of battle be it mental physical emotional or spiritual. or a combination of all. There is a war going on. Don’t let the bright lights and social media fool you everyone has to deal with something that they would rather not. When you are under attack you only have two choices you either fight or you surrender. 

If you have a strong and healthy body, you have to fight to maintain and keep it. So keep doing what you know needs to be done and refuse to listen to people who try to get you to relax your standard because they could not eat like that or they think you spend to much time in the gym. You are not they, respect your choices and refuse to surrender to them or the lower part of yourself that begs you to forgo the discipline that is need to keep what was hard fought and earned.

If you have fallen off the health and fitness wagon, gained too much weight, and you are out of shape and out of condition. Maybe you feel sorry for yourself and you have wrapped yourself in a cocoon of excuses, but in your heart you know you are better than your current situation. Then get up and fight it is not to late, tiny steps today will lead to solid victories in the future. You have to fight your way through. 

Unfortunately jealousy and envy is real so don’t sabotage yourself to appease critics or those who would wrestle you for you destiny. 

This is a season of war, that means you will have to fight for what you want with a single focus it is my time attitude. The good news is you can win this war. 

Press in for the win 

Tammie-Maria Allen



Everything I desire to achieve is on the other side of self-discipline. All of my desires, goals and ambitions reside in a vault labeled discipline. My desires call to me like the sweet whispers of a pleasant wind on a warm day. Cravings and promptings of what I could become and what I could obtain wrestle with my emotions, taunt my soul and bombard my mind. Laziness, fear and the discomfort of inconvenience are cruel companions which tempt me to remain complacent, mediocre, settling into a horrid pattern of giving less than my best. Yet I feel the strong tug of hope a battering ram of sorts that simply will not allow me to wallow in a comfort zone of familiarity. 

Destiny awaits, and you cannot bargain with time. Time is a fragile and valuable resource to be handle with great. care Neglect to do so and you will suffer the bitter sting of useless regret. Now is the time to develop the discipline that is required to obtain the rewards the encapsulate destiny. Now is the time to the hard work that will positively impact legacy. 

Shatter the shackles of ease. Go past the zone of the basics and enter the realm of excellent pursuit, mission accomplished success, and better than I use to be satisfaction. Now is the time to get off your butt and become busy establishing what you truly desire but you must develop the discipline to keep going even when the way become difficult and harsh. Awaken the dream, resuscitate the vision, become and achieve all that you were designed to become and achieve. Allow discipline to lead the way.

Tammie-Maria ©2018

A Season Of New Beginnings       

A season of new beginnings has begun. Time to begin a one way trip to success. Time to push through to an entirely new you.....

The best version of yourself isn’t hidden under layers of unappreciated fat nor is it forged by obtaining chiseled abs and a tight derriere. The best version of yourself starts in the mind and is stimulated by the heart and then birthed through your actions.

 Only you can define what being in the best shape of your life looks and feels like, It is a highly individual thing, where one size definitely does not fit all. It’s your choice, your path and your victory.

 Stellar physique transformation is no different than any other worthy goal you wish to obtain in that, it is a process that will take dedicated time. You will have to stare down the obstacles, focus on the objective and see your victory.....You know you got this, so go do it. 7-17-17

Tammie-Maria ©2017


Hell No!

Hell unleashed is a flaming inferno specifically designed to assassinate your vision, stymie you progression and cause you to go down in defeat. The hounds of hell are

Vicious little suckers that enjoy the intimidation factor, they snarl at your determination

And attack all signs of advancement on your part. The flaming blast of failure, the fiery waves of rejection, the scorching winds of trouble and the full-throttle blow-torch effect of lack of support and validation is enough to make you want to raise the white flag of surrender or fight harder than ever before, to make your dream a reality.

I refuse to go down in flames and so do you. That is why it is a wonderful good time

To say

Hell no, to all things that threaten to choke out your hope.

Hell no, I will not quit

Hell no, I will not back down

Hell no, I will not wait until a later day. Now is my time.

Hell no, I will not allow my mind to dwell on the negative.

Hell no, I will not be ruled by fear but I will fight with my faith.

Hell no, I will not give up.

Hell yeah, I’m gonna win.

I really enjoy that hell yeah I am going to win part. We are winners. Now don’t you dare give up on your dream, the struggle is simply part of the process.

Victory belongs to you, don’t deny yourself the honor of not seeing your goal to completion. Live for the vision and if you are a person of faith live for the one who gave you the vision. Conquer and win. Hell yeah.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Tomorrow Is

Tomorrow is not good enough

Tomorrow is not good enough, you have to possess a now mentality. Stop waiting for a new tomorrow a new beginning a new time to become. Start living in the now. Create something new today, start right away, refuse to wait any longer. You now possess the truth that the right time is right now. No more excuses to hold you back, you are free to march forward even if your steps are small and your way isn’t totally clear. You are no longer in bondage, to that hideous disease know as procrastination. The miracle cure for procrastination is daily action towards your goal. No more nasty little distractions to keep you hostage at the stoplight of life, and held back at the intersection of indecision.

You are free to speed down the highway towards destiny, you have been given the green light, all is clear now go! Go and do that thing that you were designed to do. You no longer need the approval of others to validate your dream. The only person you have to prove yourself too is you. You have held yourself back long enough, because of feeling of low self-esteem and or inadequacy 

It is now time to bury all negative feelings about yourself, even if that means taking a crash course, on the wonderful blessing, of being authentically you. It is really time to truly fall in love with yourself. You don’t need to look for the special someone because you are that someone. Once you love yourself, you stop being needy, desperate and your heart is no longer a welcome mat to be trampled upon. This frees you to maintain high standard, as you value your decision, treasure your entire being and adequately nurture your soul.You must do this today because tomorrow is not good enough. I am not telling you to become some inconsiderate narcissist. I am simply stating that you must consider yourself and discover who you are and what it is you are designed to do and become, instead of bowing down to the demands of others, especially those who don’t even have your best interest at heart.

You must care for yourself and not waste another precious breath trying to become something you are not. You can never chase your dreams and destiny if you don’t know who you are, what you like and what you want to become. Free yourself from the torment of other peoples expectations, embrace the calm flow of eventually becoming authentically yourself. Don’t be seduced by the desires of others as your own desires lay abandoned, neglected and rejected. Tomorrow is not good enough, your quest must begin today.

Tammie-Maria Allen ©


Goal Getting

Goal Getting C.P.R.

Your dreams will die if the heartbeat of your destiny and the pulse of your visions are not continually revived. You need a daily intervention to keep your goals from becoming another statistic, that is lowered in the graveyard of what could have or what should have been. Our goals will only respond to action, and action towards a goal require daily care if we want them to survive. The survival rate of most New Years resolutions are incredibly low. Goal getting C.P.R. is a necessity if you want those goals to become a reality. C.P.R. in this case is known as Consistent Progression Requirements. You must know which Consistent Progression Requirements are need to make your goals a reality. For clarification purposes I will use weight control, if your goals is to maintain your weight and bodyfat percentage in a certain range you must decide upon certain factors before you make that decision. What types of food and quantity will you consume daily? What type of exercise will you participate in a regular manner? How will you deal with internal and external forces that will challenge your progression? What is your current health assessment? What are your strengths and weakness concerning the goal you are attempting to obtain? You will have to ask yourself some hard and real questions followed by answers based on truth, if you want to make the goal a reality.

Honesty with yourself and about yourself is the lifeline to your goals. Sacrificing, adapting and growing is usually an essential part to moving into your true calling.

You might start out not being mentally tough enough so you might have to grow mentally strong as you learn to press forward. You will probably have to deal with ugly truths about yourself as you work on transforming them into beautiful realities. You might have to deal with the unproductive habits of wishing the world would change so that you could reach your goals. Instead you will learn how to change your world by taking control over yourself. You go through the hard process of learning to control your desires, and separating yourself from destructive tendencies. You start to reprogram your thinking by healing from harmful emotions and actions. You start to embrace those things that challenge you, so that you can become a better person as you shed away layers of complaints, criticisms and other forms of negativity. The beautiful thing about goal getting C.P.R. is doesn’t require that you think on all of the things that you need to get right it only requires you to go in a daily resuscitation mode and achieve from one to five things daily that will get you closer to your goal.

Once you know what price you are willing to pay for your goal all you have to do is compose a list of one to five things you are willing to do daily to make it happen.

Using the weight control example from above we could easily come up with three goals

that will lead them towards their destination.

eat within a certain caloric range daily 2) engage in weight training and cardiovascular training a prescribed amount of times per week 3) Drink a certain amount of water daily

This is applicable to any any dream. The time to stop letting yourself down is now. Never settle for what you don’t want continue to battle until your goal is made manifest.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Believe This

You are not simply a random copy of someone else. You were not created to exist as a copycat version of a priceless original. You are a priceless original, precious and irreplaceable and therefore you should never think you are less than or more than anyone else.You are an exquisite designers original even if you are completely unaware of that fact. I understand we are all programmed by the environment, and influences that surround us. A list of expectations were given to you, directives for you to fulfill. Your input or desires were not taken into consideration. Labels were then placed upon you by parents, teachers, peers and a vast assortment of opinionated others.The influence of family, relationships, media and environment continued to control and mold you until you either accepted those labels or you rejected those labels. If you rejected those labels you probably grabbed for labels that meant just the opposite affixing them over your life without consulting with your authentic self to discover the awesomeness of who you really are.

There is no one on this planet that is qualified to tell you who you are. No one can measure your full potential or say beyond a doubt what you are capable of. No one can measure the beauty of all that you are or appreciate completely everything you were designed to be. The journey of self discovery is yours and yours alone. There are masses of people who will never answer the true call for their lives because they have replaced truth for lies. They gauge their beauty by standard set to sell movies, magazines or products. Instead of embracing their own unique design. They stifle their creativity when they learn to look at others and compare. Not understanding that we were not all designed to create the same things. So we look, sound, act, think and create differently because that gives us our purpose. Mother Theresa, was not designed to be a glamorous model yet she had her own kind of beauty and she made and impact on the world. Mahatma Gandhi, would have never been in the running as a Hollywood leading man type. Yet he had a leading role in changing the course of history. Because he embraced the purpose for his life.

Many will choose a life time of pleasing others and performing for the approval of others. They will extinguish their passion, and bury their desires for tiny bits of praise as they wallow in a miserable existence of working at a job they detest, earning college degrees that they will never use or developing relationships where their best interest isn’t even taken into consideration.

People devalue themselves because they don’t understand their true value so they simply follow the script that has been set before them. You, me, we,were not designed to live a life of unfilled dreams.

We were designed to love and be loved, to reach our dreams to unleash our potential.

To discover and walk out our destiny that is the greatest calling in life.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Buffedstuff: When Hardwork, Dedication & Commitment Collide.

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